A brief introduction of Mekong Trading

Mekong Trading Hungarian-Cambodian Trading House Co Ltd is a trading and business development company, which was founded in 2015 with the clear objective to intensify the bilateral commercial and economic relationship between the Kingdom of Cambodia as well as the South-East-Asian Region and Hungary.

The mission of Mekong Trading Hungarian - Cambodian Trading House Ltd. – through a close collaboration with its local partner B2B Cambodia Co. Ltd., led by Dr. Thourn Sinan, CEO – is to identify, promote and explore bilateral business and investment opportunities, also taking into consideration  the specific geopolitical location of our two countries.

Mekong Trading believes, that its activities – acting as a competence center for the AFTA region as well – will effectively contribute to the mutually beneficial cooperation between Cambodian and Hungarian traders, producers and investors.


Balázs Korintus

Hungarian entrepreneur with over 15 years of international experience in various sectors of business. Shareholder and CEO in various companies involved in trading, investments, real estate development, engineering services, and project management. 

MSc Masters of Business Administration MBA (Corvinus University of Budapest);
MSc Real Estate (Nottingham Trent University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest)
MSc Architecture (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Thourn Sinan
Country Director

Chairman of B2B Cambodia Co. Ltd., a group engaged in travel, trading and consultancy activities. Co-founder and President of the Cambodian Tourism Federation and Chairman of PATA (Pacific, Asia Travel Association) Cambodia Chapter. In 2010 he was awarded the Highest Medal “MONY SA RA PHORN” of the Royal Government of Cambodia for his dedication to reduce community poverty and founding “Orphanages”.

BA in Business Management at Wanlan University and BA of Rural Economy Development at the Kampong Cham National Institute of Agriculture.
Doctor of Business Administration in Tourism,  at the joint program of the Alfred Nobel Open Business School Hong Kong and King Sigismund College Budapest

Main fields of activity 

Agriculture and food industry: trading, know-how-transfer, processing, food  safety

Water management: water treatment, water quality, irrigation, planning & know-how-transfer, project implementation

Health: medical device and services (trading and know-how)

Information technology: software development, systemes for private and public entities

Infrastructure and technology development projects

Type of services

Market research and updated business information
Identifying and managing relevant trading,
processing and investment opportunities
Day-by-day business and project management,
including finance and logistics
Know-how transfer and engineering services
Planning and organization of business contact events

Events / News

15th of January, 2016
Official office opening in Siem Reap

The opening of the office in Siem Reap with the participation of Ms. Zsanett Ducsai-Oláh CEO of MNKH, Mr. Regő Lánszki Chief Adviser to MNKH, Ms. Viktória Horváth, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and Mr. Balázs Korintus CEO of Mekong Trading.

14th of January, 2016
Official office opening in Phnom Penh

Grand opening and ribbon cutting of the Phnom Penh office of Mekong Trading Hungarian - Cambodian Trading House Ltd. by H.E. Mr. Péter Szíjjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and H.E. Secretary of State , Ministry of Commerce Cambodia.

14th of January, 2016
MoU signing ceremony

Official MoU signing ceremony between Mekong Trading Hungarian-Cambodia Trading House Ltd. and B2B Cambodia Co. Ltd., EUROCHAM, Young Enterpreneurs Association of Cambodia, Cambodian Hotels Association, Cambodian Restaurant Association, Cambodian Chef Association and Cambodian Chef Federation with the presence of H.E. Mr. Péter Szíjjártó Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and Her Excellency Secretary of State , Ministry of Commerce Cambodia.

13th of January, 2016
VIP Dinner

VIP Dinner with leading Cambodian
businessmen, among them Okhna dr. Mong Reththy, and the Hungarian delegation
led by H.E. Mr. Péter Szíjjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

1st of December, 2015
'Cambodia Day'

Our representative participated on the 'Cambodia Day' of the Flag Museum Budapest,  and informed the cca. 150 participants; diplomats, businessmen and media about the
recent establishment of Mekong Trading Hungarian - Cambodian Trading House.

30th of October, 2015
Cooperation agreement

To the occasion of signing the cooperation agreement between MNKH and Mekong Trading Ltd a courtesy meeting took place between  Mrs. Zsanett Ducsai-Oláh, CEO of the Hungarian National Trading House and Dr. Thong Khon, the Minister of Tourism of Kingdom of Cambodia at the Headquarters of the MNKH in Budapest.


Our leading local partner is B2B Cambodia (Travel / Tours / MICE / Trading) Co., Ltd.

Embassy of Hungary in Hanoi, Vietnam

Cambodia Chefs Association

Cambodia Chefs Federation

PATA Cambodia Chapter

Cambodia Hotel Association

Cambodia Restaurant Association

Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia